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Why LevlUp?

For gamers

Special formula with 250mg of caffeine, plus 8 other ingredients that support your concentration and reaction.

Good value

A serving of Levlup at 500ml costs less than 1 euro

Low sugar

LevlUp has very little sugar: a serving (500ml) contains only about 4 grams of sugar.

Made in Germany

High quality ingredients produced with the highest quality standards.

The LevlUp Starter Box
You can simply choose a LevlUp tub yourself - and get a cool shaker to go with it.
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The LevlUp Starter Bundle
The classic: a LevlUp tub of your choice plus a Pro Bottle in the Starter Bundle.
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LevlUp speaks for itself

40 servings
Less than 1€ per serving
low sugar
Made in Germany
Blue Crush

How LevlUp works

Fill a scoop with LevlUp.

Place Scoop in a container with 500ml of water.

Mix the ingredients briefly.

Enjoy LevlUp.

What is LevlUp?
The drink for gamers
With over 20 million drinks sold, LevlUp is one of the most popular gaming drinks ever. Meanwhile the biggest German content creators of the gaming scene and well-known eSportsmen like Harmii put all their trust into LevlUp when it comes to playing video games. LevlUp was developed especially for gamers.

Together we are one big community and share the passion and love for games of all kinds.

Your feedback

David H.

Just received my starter box and mixed it directly. Triple Green tastes absolutely fantastic and this will definitely not be my last order!

Calli C.

Tastes super delicious, has less sugar than normal energy drinks, you don't have to carry around any more and you can dose the powder as you like.

Florian U.

Very cool, arrived today. Ordered, no previous knowledge and very positively surprised. Taste is mega!

Chantal M.

I have ordered my first LevlUp Gaming Booster and I am really excited. I mix 700ml of water with the recommended 8 grams because that's the way I like it best.

Our recommendation

Galaxy Edition
Galaxy Edition - Sparkles like the stars Every LevlUp flavor tastes like it is not from this earth. The combo of the Galaxy Edition is really out of this world. What does the Galaxy Edition taste like? The Galaxy Edition is simply indescribably delicious due to the galactically delicious combination of açaí, blueberry and pomegranate! Add to this a unique and glittering glow when you look at the Galaxy Edition in the light!
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Blue Crush
LevlUp Blue Crush Raspberries are cool, blue raspberries are cooler. LevlUp Blue Crush is different horny. What does Blue Crush taste like? If you don't know what blue raspberries taste like, then it's time to find out! Super fruity and refreshingly delicious, Blue Crush has everything you need. 
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Jungle Juice
Exotic-tropical LevlUp taste When tropical fruits are mixed, it can only be cool. We have taken the best tropical fruits and created Jungle Juice. What does Jungle Juice taste like? Exotic fruits in a unique combination, give the Jungle Juice from LevlUp the necessary kick!
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Pink Crush
Pink meets Crush In LevlUp Pink Crush we have combined the refreshing taste of pink grapefruit with a mix of pink fruits. Pretty juicy, a bit sweet and above all fruity How does LevlUp Pink Crush taste? The Pink Crush variety tastes quite juicy, a bit sweet and above all fruity. You will love it if you are the type "Sweet"!
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