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Why Levlup?

For gamers

Special formula with 250mg of caffeine, plus 8 other ingredients that support your concentration and reaction.

Good value

A serving of Levlup at 500ml costs less than 1 euro

Low sugar

LevlUp has very little sugar: a serving (500ml) contains only about 4 grams of sugar.

Made in Germany

High quality ingredients produced with the highest quality standards.

The LevlUp Starter Box
You can simply choose a LevlUp tub - and get a cool shaker on top.
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The LevlUp Starter Bundle
The classic: a tub of LevlUp of your choice plus a bottle in a starter bundle.
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LevlUp speaks for itself

40 servings
Less than 1€ per serving
low sugar
Made in Germany
Blue Crush

How LevlUp works

What is LevlUp?
The drink for gamers
With over 10 million drinks sold, LevlUp is one of the most popular gaming drinks ever. Meanwhile the biggest German content creators of the gaming scene and well-known eSportsmen like Harmii rely on LevlUp for gaming. Because LevlUp was developed especially for gamers.

Together we are one big community and share the passion and love for games of all kinds.

Your feedback

David H.

Just received my starter box and mixed it directly. Triple Green tastes absolutely fantastic and this will definitely not be my last order!

Jacqueline S.

I'm really excited. I've already ordered from you twice in no time. Thanks to you I finally found a good energy drink that tastes great and works well. I am completely satisfied with Galaxy, Blue Crush, Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Wave. Since they all taste great, I can't name any of my favourites. Thank you very much for developing something like this!

Calli C.

Tastes super delicious, has less sugar than normal energy drinks, you don't have to carry around any more and you can dose the powder as you like.

Isabella S.

Recommendable! I have been a gamer for 18 years and can really recommend it. My concentration has increased massively. I was also very sceptical, but it really convinced me. Especially in the evening when you play with your friends and you had a long day before but you don't want to give up playing, you should use it. It keeps you super fit. Thanks for that! I'll stay true to LevlUp and enjoy the free time in the bad times with friends online. #stayhome

Florian U.

Very cool, arrived today. Ordered, no previous knowledge and very positively surprised. Taste is mega!

Chantal M.

I have ordered my first LevlUp Gaming Booster and I am really excited. I mix 700ml of water with the recommended 8 grams because that's the way I like it best.

Our recommendation

Collectors Box Anniversary Edition
2 Years Anniversary Edition With the LevlUp Anniversary Edition we have created a fruity & refreshing taste of golden fruit. Gold glitter effect guaranteed!
Pink Crush
Fruity & refreshing With LevlUp Pink Crush we have combined the refreshing taste of pink grapefruit with a mix of pink fruits. Pretty juicy, a bit sweet and above all fruity. 
Default Title
Starter Bundle
With the Starter Bundle you get a tub of your choice and a matching shaker. The high-quality LevlUp Pro Bottles are leak-proof, BPA Free and hold up to 500ml. So perfect for a serving of LevlUp. Choose your shaker that fits your style.
Default Title
Blue Crush

Sour Gummyworm

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