ProBottle PinkOcean
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Pro Bottle Pink Ocean

  • Perfect for one serving of LevlUp
  • 9,99 €
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    Mix your own LevlUp®!

    When you think of LevlUp, you also think of an ocean of refreshment. With the Pro Bottle Pink Ocean you now have the opportunity to dive into the LevlUp waves with your sense of taste first! Feel the support in performance and focus! The shaker comes in a strong retro style that reminds you of the best sunny days on the beach! Shine on!

    Maximum filling quantity: 500ml

    BPA free

    The LevlUp Pro Bottle and Pro Shaker are of course BPA-free - so you can safely enjoy your LevlUp GAMING BOOSTER.


    The LevlUp Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers have a leak-proof cap - because nobody wants to have liquids on their keyboard or controller.

    Ideal for mixing

    The Pro Bottle and Pro Shaker from LevlUp are ideal for preparing LevlUp GAMING BOOSTERS! Simply mix 500ml of water with 8 grams of powder - ready and set!


    Our Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers give you maximum flexibility - easy to use, easy to clean, just to-go wherever you want.

    instruction manual

    Mix one measuring spoon (8g LevlUp GAMING BOOSTER) with 500ml of water. LevlUp is not only a performance product but was especially designed for video players and gaming sessions of all kinds. Drink ours GAMING BOOSTER®while you play video games.

    Care instructions: To protect the print and colour of the shakers, we recommend cleaning by hand with lukewarm water and dish soap.

    David H.

    Just received my starter box and mixed it directly. Triple Green tastes absolutely fantastic and this will definitely not be my last order!

    Jacqueline S.

    I'm really excited. I've already ordered from you twice in no time. Thanks to you I finally found a good energy drink that tastes great and works well. I am completely satisfied with Galaxy, Blue Crush, Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Wave. Since they all taste great, I can't name any of my favourites. Thank you very much for developing something like this!

    Calli C.

    Tastes super delicious, has less sugar than normal energy drinks, you don't have to carry around any more and you can dose the powder as you like.

    Isabella S.

    Recommendable! I have been a gamer for 18 years and can really recommend it. My concentration has increased massively. I was also very sceptical, but it really convinced me. Especially in the evening when you play with your friends and you had a long day before but you don't want to give up playing, you should use it. It keeps you super fit. Thanks for that! I'll stay true to LevlUp and enjoy the free time in the bad times with friends online. #stayhome

    Florian Uhlich

    Very cool, arrived today. Ordered, no previous knowledge and very positively surprised. Taste is mega!

    Chantal M.

    I have ordered my first LevlUp Gaming Booster and I am really excited. I mix 700ml of water with the recommended 8 grams because that's the way I like it best.