Starter Box Plus
Starter Box Plus

Starter Box Plus

  • Can with 320g content = 40 servings

    ✓ 10 LevlUp samples (8g)
    ✓ free delivery
    ✓ free shaker


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    What's in the LevlUp® Starter Box Plus

    The Starter Box Plus contains one can of LevlUp Gaming Booster Galaxy Edition. Also included in the Starter Box are a cool shaker and 10 additional and different LevlUp Gaming Booster samples (10x 1 large portion).

    You will receive a starter box with the Galaxy Edition, 10 different LevlUp samples & a high-quality LevlUp shaker.

    For gamers

    Special ingredient formula, specifically designed for gamers

    Good value

    A serving of Levlup at 500ml costs less than 1 euro

    Low sugar

    LevlUp has very little sugar: a serving (500ml) contains only about 4 grams of sugar.

    Made in Germany

    High quality ingredients and ingredients, produced under the highest quality standards.

    10 selected LevlUp samples(8g)
    Extra shaker
    LevlUp Galaxy Edition
    Ideal for starting
    Starter Box Plus
    You can find the nutritional values with the individual products.
    Recommended consumption

    And how does it work?

    Mix one measuring spoon (8g LevlUp GAMING BOOSTER) with 500ml of water. LevlUp is not only a performance product but was especially designed for video players and gaming sessions of all kinds. Drink ours GAMING BOOSTER®while you play video games. 

    Please Note: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. The daily consumption quantity corresponds to 1x 8g (heaped measuring spoon). Not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Not intended for long-term use and not as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from direct heat and light. As a matter of corporate responsibility, we recommend consumption of LevlUp Gaming Booster from the age of 16.

    How LevlUp works

    Fill a scoop with LevlUp.

    Scoop into a container with 500ml of water.

    Mix the ingredients briefly.

    Enjoy LevlUp.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is included in the Starter Box Plus?
    In the high-quality Starter Box Plus, you receive a LevlUp can, 10 selected individual LevlUp samples (8g each) and an exclusive LevlUp Shaker.
    What is LevlUp®?
    The LevlUp Gaming Booster is a powder, which once mixed with water turns into a tasty beverage, which was specifically designed for the needs of gamers. The Booster supports your focus, performance and concentration.
    What are the advantages over classic energy drinks?
    LevlUp only contains 4 grams of sugar at 500ml. For comparison: a run of the mill energy drink contains roughly 50 grams of sugar. You also save on bottle deposits and waste, as every tub comes with 40 servings. One serving of 500ml costs less than 1 euro.
    How much does LevlUp cost?
    One serving of LevlUp at 500ml costs less than one euro.
    Why does LevlUp® taste so good?
    We place great importance on the quality of our gaming boosters. Our drinks are therefore produced with the highest production standards in Germany.
    How do I portion it correctly?
    We put a free measuring spoon with every tub, so that you can easily mix your Booster. The measuring spoon holds exactly eight grams of powder – the right amount for one serving of LevlUp at 500ml.
    Why is LevlUp for gamers?
    As gamers we have special needs: we need to be calm, concentrated and focused. Our formula focusses specifically on those skills in order to optimally support gamers.
    Why do I need a bottle for LevlUp?
    With the Pro Bottle you achieve the optimum solubility of your LevlUp®. Our LevlUp® Pro Bottle with 500 ml capacity is perfectly designed for one serving of LevlUp® - 100% BPA free and leak-proof. Your faithful setup companion.